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You no longer want to spend time and energy
on recurring or time-consuming tasks that pollute your day-to-day life or force you to use expensive software?

You want to optimize your working methods?

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Winner of the Paris Bar Innovation Prize 2023
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By the way, what is "no-code"?

Before, to automate tasks or develop business applications, you had to know how to program.

Lawyers therefore had to equip themselves with software supplied by publishers and suffer the constraints in terms of costs, adaptation and evolution.

But the world has changed!

Today there are so-called "no-code" or "low-code" solutions that allow you to become programmers yourself even without programming skills.

These solutions work visually and allow you to build your automations and solutions exactly as you want them, quickly, at lower cost and without technical dependency.

So no code is the perfect opportunity to save time, cut costs and, above all, be much more efficient!

What could be better than learning no-code... among lawyers!

We speak the same language

 Training in no-code tools by lawyers with dual legal and IT skills

We train you directly on your use case for 100% hands-on training with immediate results

Learning to master no-code tools is an exceptional opportunity to optimize your business processes, increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Because the practice of law has its own language and its own customs, it is essential that you are trained by lawyers like yourself who have already developed their expertise in the use of low-code solutions. That's what LawCode is all about!

Whether it's teaching you how to automate the production and electronic signature of your legal documents, helping you build your knowledge base, or automating complex tasks, we train you directly on your use cases without wasting your time.

You'll quickly become operational and autonomous, and reduce any external technical dependency!

And above all, you'll discover everything you can do with APIs!
A few illustrative examples
Individualize your legal documents (closing, CERFA, contracts, declarations, etc.) en masse.
Create your own knowledge bases (deals, precedents, templates, checklists, guides and best practices)
Create intelligent forms (personal data collection, email validation, surveys, etc.).
Introduce AI into your legal practice
Electronically sign documents in bulk with pre-integrated tags
Automatically collect KYC from your signatories, with identity verification
Take full advantage of OpenData (API Entreprises, Guichet Unique etc.)
Efficiently monitor and manage your operations (closing checklist, tasks, schedules, etc.).

Like us, you won't be able to do without these solutions.

Whether or not you're naturally computer-savvy, don't worry, we'll adapt to your level and get you moving at the right pace.

Tangible benefits

Learning to automate your legal processes will save you time and reduce stress in your day-to-day work.
You'll be blown away by the diversity of no-code solutions and the possibilities they offer. The ideas will come to you as you go along, and you won't be able to do without them!
Do you trust a calculator more than a pen and paper? The same goes for no-code. A properly automated process will be better than you, and will keep you error-free.
You'll take a giant leap forward in efficiency, relieving yourself of all the repetitive and unnecessarily time-consuming tasks in your daily routine. You'll be able to concentrate on your core expertise.
You can finally free yourself from the unnecessarily expensive solutions you use and regain control of your IT expenses.
Think it's complicated to learn? Don't be unnecessarily slowed down, our customers all become proficient in just a few hours!

It's often said that work should be fun. You'll see that learning to use low-code solutions is a lot of fun!

Individual training, co-building or bootcamp

Choose the formula that suits you best.

Each training session is based on your practical case
, enabling you to build your solution in real time.
You benefit from individual training on the theme of your choice, at the pace that suits you best.
I want to be trained
Together, we build your legal automation solution from concept to production.
I want to develop as part of a team
You take part in a group training session lasting a total of 9 hours, led online by our teams
I want to make the next bootcamp

About us

LawCode is a legaltech company founded by Sacha Benichou, a member of the Paris Bar who has worked in the private equity sector for over 20 years and is a Low Code developer. He is also the inventor of the BSA Air and the founder of the UpLaw shareholding management platform.

LawCode's mission is to make life easier for lawyers and legal departments on a daily basis, by simplifying unnecessarily slow, tedious and costly processes such as holding shareholder meetings, deploying stock option plans or producing and signing legal documents en masse (closing).
Sacha Benichou
Founder of Lawcode &
Admitted to the Paris Bar

Our customers talk about us

and no more evenings at the office doing your automatable tasks!
"Lawcode is the service we needed to simplify the periodic deployment of our option plans across multiple countries and languages."
Pierre Lumeau - Contentsquare
Associate General Counsel
"LawCode's assistance has been very useful in our operations".
Jean-Philippe Carbonel - Vulcain Group
General Counsel
"We regularly work with LawCode, which helps us automate our legal processes.
Louis-Etienne Balleydier - Mirakl
General Counsel
"We regularly use Lawcode's services to automate the closing of our legal operations".
Damien Morin
"LawCode saves us a considerable amount of time in producing our closings.
Paolin Pascot - Agriconomie
"LawCode has saved us weeks of work by automating the social decisions of our dozens of SPVs".
Renaud Guillerm - Side Angels

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need basic computer skills?

No, not particularly. We start by assessing your level of knowledge, and then adapt to help you improve your skills at the right pace.

Are low-code solutions RGPD-compliant?

Yes, all the solutions we use and train you on guarantee compliance with data protection regulations.

Is our data protected?

Yes, of course, your data is protected by the most advanced IT security standards.

Are you subject to lawyers' code of ethics?

Yes, LawCode is an activity ancillary to the legal profession. We are therefore bound by the rules of professional conduct, including professional secrecy.

How do you bill your services?

We invoice our services on a per-assignment basis, based on a prior estimate. To find out more about our terms and conditions, please fill in the contact form below.

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